The best quality of coffee for your daily pleasure...



Greek coffee....

The Ouzounoglou tradition is ready and secured for your ultimate pleasure. You can find Greek coffee carefully roasted and grinded in the following packages:

Packages A: 100gr., 200gr., 500gr.
Packages B:
10x100gr.= 1kg.,
5x200gr.= 1kg.,
10x500gr.= 5 kilos
Packages C:
1kgr. (100gr.) x 10 pieces= 10 kilos
[100 pieces of 100gr.]
1kg. (200gr.) x 10 pieces= 10 kilos
[50 pieces of 200gr.]

Press here to see the instructions for making a cup of Greek coffee.

Greek coffee, Roasted bean...

The quality and tradition of Ouzounoglou coffee hidden behind every single coffee beanů

Professional 5 kilos airproof package.


Bonjour - Filter coffee
Now, the Bonjour filter coffee of the Ouzounoglou company in a new package with freshness valve in three delicious tastes:

Classic Bonjour 250gr.
Caramel Bonjour 250gr.
Hazelnut Bonjour 250gr.
Package Box: 16 pieces x 250gr. = 4 kilos

Flavored Filter Coffee
Moreover, flavored filter coffee packages of 1kg. from the Ouzounoglou company in the following tastes: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Chocolate.

Package Box: 10 pieces x 1kg. = 10 kilos
Now, also in new tastes: flavored-Biscuit, flavored-Amaretto.


The new coffee trend Espresso could not stop the Ouzounoglou company from following it! Taste it (100% Arabica). However you like it! The taste and its flavor will definitely impress you!

Package Box: 10 pieces x 1 kg. = 10 kilos


Now, the Ouzounoglou company offers to its customers its own unique chocolate drink in 1kg. airproof package.

Package Box: 10 pieces x 1kg.= 10 kilos.

Press here to see the instructions for making a cup of delicious chocolate drink.
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