The procedure of coffee is a holly one for us...
Everything needs its time and special treatment. First of all, the quality of coffee is obtained by the careful choice during its purchase. Only the best variety beans, checked to the very last one and carefully stored, have place in our company.

The coffee is kept in special storage areas under ideal temperature and humidity conditions. Then, the character of every variety of coffee beans is checked and with the help of technology and experts the best blends are created and tried out. Then, is the stage of roasting, where the perfection and uniformity is ensured. Then follows the constant inspection of grinding in a specially designed area. Finally, comes the packaging with the use of the highest equipment in order to keep the aroma and taste of fresh grinding coffee until it reaches the consumer's cup.

We prepare a tasty product with special care, knowledge and artistic feeling. We always think of the best for our clients, we keep an eye to the future, but our soul is always close to tradition.
We always feel the look of our founder reminding us that:

Only the best coffee for our customers.

Our philosophy
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