Our philosophy
Only the best coffee is found in our company...
«"Coffee! Coffee! I want a cup of coffee!
Coffee with a personal artistic touch!
One extra strong with a little bit of sugar! You know, don't you?
A medium one double boiled!
How do you drink your coffee?
With sugar!
Light on the sugar!
Bitter! ……………………………."

These are phrases which are often heard in our family!
Often?! The word "often" is too little to say!
Since I was a child, as everyone in our family, I sleep and wake up with the above phrases in mind.
That is the truth, we enjoy to drink fresh roasted coffee, thin grounded, with extra aroma , as did the first coffee drinkers, continuing the tradition throughout generations ....

Thus, the philosophy of the Ouzounoglou company is summarized in the following sentences:
- In the deep knowledge of every detail; from the choice of the coffee beans, the storage and distribution of coffee.
- In the quality of the raw materials and each stage of the procedure.
- In the guarantee of quality, pleasure and the relation between the price and quality of coffee

All stages of the procedure are guaranteed under the certification ISO 22000:2005 & IFS
Our philosophy
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