We invite you to discover the history of coffee with which we are closely related...
The history of the Ouzounoglou family is related to the history of coffee.
For several generations, our family has paid mostly attention to the quality and the essence of coffee.
When, in 1928, Symeon Ouzounoglou founded the original company in Thessaloniki , he was well aware that there was only one true recipe for success:
"To offer only the best quality of coffee to customers".
Later on, Symeon's son, George Ouzounoglou, inherited this passion for quality,combined with the artistic feeling and the secrets of coffee, and in turn passed it on to his sons Stelios and Simos. The traditional circle continues even today by their children ,who struggle with constant effort, zeal and enthusiasm. Their ultimate goal is to achieve the best quality for customers' pleasure; your pleasure.
This is because above all coffee is joy.A daily satisfaction which accompanies our life…………

A kind of pleasure which has been with our family for four generations until now.

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